Review Policy

Hiya! Welcome to Anky's Book Bubble! 

Sorry, but I'm not accepting Review Requests currently! (But if you don't have a set deadline (that is, you don't require a review on a particular date), you can fill out the form at the end and you will be the first one I contact when I'm accepting requests again!  )

I'd be delighted to accept review requests from authors, publishers and publicists. I'd also be glad to host tours, giveaways, interviews and guest posts! I promise to review every book I receive as soon as I can, but please do not send me the copy without reading my review policy and contacting me first. I reserve the right to reject any request I receive.

Review Copies:

I'm only accepting physical copies for review, unless your book sounds really really good to me. So give it a shot, but do not expect me to accept your review request for an e-copy, until and unless I say so.

No hard feelings, I love reading ebooks too, but I already have way too many of those, and therefore, I need to cut down a bit on them.

Genres that I'd love to read:

Young Adult. (A favourite!)
Paranormal Romance/Thriller.
Mystery & Suspense.
Psychological Thriller (A favourite!)
Science Fiction.
LGBT (Mostly lesbian fiction, but I'm open to others too!)
Graphic Novels.
New Adult.
Women's Fiction.
General Fiction.

Genres that I'd definitely not read:

Science Fiction (Though I don't mind reading it once in a while!)

My review will include:

My honest opinion about the cover as well as the content of the novel. And by honest opinion, I mean there will be no sugar coating. If I did not like the cover, I'll say so. If I found the book full of grammatical errors, I will say so in my review. And if I do not like the book, I will write a negative review, no matter what.

What my ratings mean:

đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«: Loved it, will probably re-read it sometime and will recommend it to all.

đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«: Loved it and will recommend it to all.

đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«: Was good, but needs some improvements.

đŸ«đŸ«: Was okay, needs a lot of improvement.

đŸ«: Did not like it. Probably DNF'd (I will mention in the review if I DNF a book.)

🍬: Point .5 Stars. Usually accompanies one of the above ratings!

❤️: Will usually appear after a 5 star rating if I really, really loved a book!

I'll post the review on my blog, Facebook Page, TwitterInstagram, Amazon and Goodreads.

If your book is in keeping with my review policy, feel free to email me: Anky's Book Bubble, or contact me through any of the above mentioned links.

I'll make sure to reply to your query, even if I am not interested!

If you don't have a Required deadline for a review, fill this form and you'll be the first one I contact when I'm accepting requests again!

Review Request Form.
(Make sure you've read my Review Policy!)


(Note: I live in India!)


  1. Hi Anky, I saw your post on RRR and popped over to take a look at your blog. I like it. It's user friendly. I'm viewing on my mobile phone and everything is easy to find. I thought you'd like to know.
    Keep up the good work! It's so hard getting honest reviews and it's vital to have them when there's so much competition out there.

    1. I'm glad you like it! I'm trying my best to make it as user friendly as possible because I myself have gotten frustrated various times when I couldn't find an option on some blog! So I know the struggle!

      And I'll always keep reviewing. I love helping out new authors. I'm never going to stop doing that. :)


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