Review: Till It Stops Beating


Author: Hannah R. Goodman.
Genre: Young Adult.
Rating: đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ« 

Seventeen-year-old Maddie Hickman has always coped with anxiety by immersing herself into the latest self-help book. Then her grandmother is diagnosed with cancer, and she spirals so far downward that she almost risks losing everything she holds dear.
From applying to college to solving the mystery of why she detests jelly doughnuts to writing a novel for her senior project and reconnecting with an old flame (or two), the ever-mounting stress leads to an unexpected road trip where she is forced to listen to her wildly beating heart. It is only in the back of a convertible with pop music blasting, that she discovers what she needs in order to really live.

If your heart has ever hurt from beating widely, whether from anxiety or love, this book is the one to read.

The cover looks sweet and delicious, but it's not really interesting. 

Till It Stops Beating is a beautiful story with a somewhat unbelievable end. It was a quick and easy read; with some really funny moments to spice it up. 

Maddie's character was believable, but the romantic parts of her story seemed too good to be true. It had the kind of ending you'd expect in a fairy tale, not a young adult novel. All the same, it was a good ending, for a change.

All in all, Till It Stops Beating was honest, insightful and full of hope, love and jelly doughnuts!

Review: 2 Day Down

Author: Nikita Lalwani.
Genre: Short Stories, General Fiction.
Rating: đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«

2-day-down is a compilation of stories of 5 women from different walks of life. Each story digs into one of the five period related problems: Pain | Staining | Sexual Inhibition | PMS | Taboo, through each one's journey. The title signifies the second day of a woman's period, which is said to be the toughest of the five days. The stories are a reflection of the less acknowledged society around us. Through menstrual problems as a window, the book is an attempt to bring light to the intriguing yet briefly understood aspects of womanhood in different age groups.

The cover is simple, but beautiful all the same. The pink silhouette and the details within add a nice touch to the cover. 

2 Day Down is a collection of stories loosely related to the problems faced by women because of menstruation and the weird ways of the society regarding the same. 

I really liked the stories. They were a well needed slap in the face for all those age old customs that still haunt the women of India, while at the same time, the stories had enough light moments to make it an enjoyable read. 

The title irks me a bit, to be honest. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a grammar Nazi, and the title "2 Day Down" sounds a bit off to me. I think "2 Days Down" would have been more apt, grammatically speaking?

But the stories themselves had scarcely any mistakes, and it was a light and easy enough read. 

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