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Hiya! Welcome to Anky's Book Bubble! 

Sorry, but I'm not accepting Review Requests currently! (But if you don't have a set deadline (that is, you don't require a review on a particular date), you can fill out the form at the end and you will be the first one I contact when I'm accepting requests again!  )

I'd be delighted to accept review requests from authors, publishers and publicists. I'd also be glad to host tours, giveaways, interviews and guest posts! I promise to review every book I receive as soon as I can, but please do not send me the copy without reading my review policy and contacting me first. I reserve the right to reject any request I receive.

Review Copies:

I'm only accepting physical copies for review, unless your book sounds really really good to me. So give it a shot, but do not expect me to accept your review request for an e-copy, until and unless I say so.

No hard feelings, I love reading ebooks too, but I already have way too many of those, and therefore, I need to cut down a bit on them.

Genres that I'd love to read:

Young Adult. (A favourite!)
Paranormal Romance/Thriller.
Mystery & Suspense.
Psychological Thriller (A favourite!)
Science Fiction.
LGBT (Mostly lesbian fiction, but I'm open to others too!)
Graphic Novels.
New Adult.
Women's Fiction.
General Fiction.

Genres that I'd definitely not read:

Science Fiction (Though I don't mind reading it once in a while!)

My review will include:

My honest opinion about the cover as well as the content of the novel. And by honest opinion, I mean there will be no sugar coating. If I did not like the cover, I'll say so. If I found the book full of grammatical errors, I will say so in my review. And if I do not like the book, I will write a negative review, no matter what.

What my ratings mean:

đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«: Loved it, will probably re-read it sometime and will recommend it to all.

đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«: Loved it and will recommend it to all.

đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«: Was good, but needs some improvements.

đŸ«đŸ«: Was okay, needs a lot of improvement.

đŸ«: Did not like it. Probably DNF'd (I will mention in the review if I DNF a book.)

🍬: Point .5 Stars. Usually accompanies one of the above ratings!

❤️: Will usually appear after a 5 star rating if I really, really loved a book!

I'll post the review on my blog, Facebook Page, TwitterInstagram, Amazon and Goodreads.

If your book is in keeping with my review policy, feel free to email me: Anky's Book Bubble, or contact me through any of the above mentioned links.

I'll make sure to reply to your query, even if I am not interested!

If you don't have a Required deadline for a review, fill this form and you'll be the first one I contact when I'm accepting requests again!

Review Request Form.
(Make sure you've read my Review Policy!)


(Note: I live in India!)

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