Review: The Bespokist Society

Author: Jeremy Leibster. 
Genre: Humor, Fiction, Spoof. 
Rating: đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸŹ

As the first travel book produced by the hugely influential Bespokist Society, this handy guide takes you to a London you’ve never seen: a London of challenging Etruscan restaurants, edgy branding parlours, emoji hotels and hidden Icelandic communities; a London where 8-ply toilet paper is a thing.
On the way, meet an eclectic band of inspiring Londoners - from scriveners to socialites via urban wordsmiths and coffee preachers - and see why London is now the global epicentre of Bespokist consciousness, community and culture.

The cover is simple and gorgeous all at the same time! I love the colour combination! 

The Bespokist Society was my introduction to 'spoofs'. I had to Google the word because I had no idea what it was. (For those who are as clueless as I was, a spoof is a mocking imitation of something, and it is light and good humoured.) 

The Bespokist Society was a spoof guide to London, and though it was extremely hilarious at places, much of it was meaningless for me. 

The reason being, that I live in India. I've never been to London, and though I've read books based in London, it just isn't the same thing, is it? 

So more than half of the times, I didn't know if a food item was weird, or if I did, I'd no idea why it was weird, because I don't know anything about English cuisine. 

So I guess the best audience for this book is someone who's been to London or atleast knows stuff about the English cuisine. 

But I did enjoy the parts where the authors interviewed the imaginary shop owners and stuff. It was absolutely hilarious. And so, I believe that the other sections will be just as hilarious for an apt audience. 

So if you're a Londoner, or have visited it, you should definitely pick this book up for some giggles and a good laugh. 

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