Review: Duck Egg Blues

Author: Martin Ungless.
Genre: Science Fiction, Humour, Mystery.
Rating: đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«

PArdew yearns to perform his robot-butler duties but soon finds himself thwarting car thieves, helping track a fugitive, and even rescuing a puppy for a little girl. All this whilst avoiding being kidnapped and somehow contriving to keep his Master safe from thugs, government agencies, and sundry other surreptitious folk who for security reasons cannot here be named …and yes, there are plastic ducks, eggs which cause the blues …and yes, for blues read murder. Lucky for PArdew he’s connected to the Internet of Things.

Detective Don is an ex-cop living in a fast-urbanising Essex countryside, and he owns PArdew - all of which make him angry. PArdew’s algorithms cannot explain this, nor why his Master keeps being arrested for every local murder. Perhaps Police Inspector Helen is enamoured of his Master? Set in a very near future, PArdew’s existence is something of a surprise, even to the Professor at Cambridge University who ‘helps’ with their enquiries.

As the plot weaves together, Don discovers that behind one mystery there lurks a greater threat. No one is safe, not even PArdew…

I agree. The cover does not look even slightly interesting. I'm going to request the author to think about changing it. The cover does not do justice to the book in the slightest. 

Oh my God. I did not expect this book to be so good. Like, I judge a book by its cover, I admit, and I was sure this book was going to be a bust. 

Well, it wasn't. If you saw the genres, you'd have realised just how widespread this story is. There's humour, there's sci-fi and there's mystery. And all of it is well put together into a superb story. 

I mean, the main characters are a Sherlock-ish detective and his unwanted Butler Robot. It has got to be a fun read! And the best part is, the book is from the Robot's point of view. And even better is the fact that there isn't too much of scientific gibberish in there. 

It was hilarious to read the robot's 'thoughts' as he worried about not hurting people who were trying to kidnap him. 

The mystery was pretty intriguing and well written too, and I loved the ending! 

PArdew (the robot) and Simon (the detective) were fun characters to follow around as they solved the mystery and I'd definitely recommend this book!

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