Hey Bookworms!

So, I've decided to try to be more scheduled in my blogging from now on. Note: I'll 'try’. So here's how things are going to be starting tomorrow.

Monday: Book Review.
Tuesday: A Guest Post.
Wednesday: Book Review.
Thursday: Interview.
Friday: Book Review.
Saturday: Book Review.
Sunday: The Writing Corner.

What's the Writing Corner, you ask? Well, that's a new addition to the blog! It'll be listed as a page on the sidebar. From now on, every Sunday, I'll be posting stuff about my writing life. I'm not a published author, and don't plan to be for the next few years, but I'm going to use that space as a sort of writing journal. I'll share my writing progress as well as any other tidbits related to it! I hope it'll be a nice addition to the blog! I figured that since this blog is my 'Book Bubble’, there should definitely be a corner dedicated to my books. So here it is!

Presenting, My Writing Corner!!

Okay, don't open the link because the page is blank and will stay so till the Sunday after the next one (Because I've a blog tour scheduled for the next Sunday).

That's it for today! 😊

Hope you'll like this new addition!

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