Review: So Near The Horizon

AuthorJessica Koch.
Genre: Romance, YA, True Story.
Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫❤️


From the moment she crosses paths with Danny, Jessica is fascinated. The dashing, confident twenty-year-old has everything she dreams of—looks, success, independence, money—and his kind, infinitely cheerful nature is spellbinding.

Yet Jessica sees something else lingering underneath Danny’s perfect facade. Bit by bit, she manages to pick it apart, unveiling harrowing truths about a deeply traumatic childhood that has left more than just emotional scars. Now, far away from his home and family, he is fighting to build a normal life for himself—even though he may be destined for a future as dark as his past.
Despite all adversity and against all reason, a deep and intimate love develops between Danny and Jessica. But soon they find themselves confronting the harsh realities of a superficial world, battling against prejudice and exclusion at every turn… and, worst of all, racing against time…

Cover Review:

The cover is a silhouette one, and it's simple and pretty. 

Book Review:

I DNFd this book. 

You just checked the rating, didn't you? We'll, let me explain. 

I did not finish this book because I couldn't read it any further because I freaked out. No, it's not a horror story, it's one of the most beautiful love stories I've ever read. And it's a true story. So why didn't I finish reading it?

Because this book was so raw, so real that it completely took me off guard. Though there was no trigger warnings in the blurb, this book deals with issues like sexual abuse and an untreatable life threatening disease. And the second one is kinda too close to home for me. 

Also, I was in love with Danny and Jessica's love story. And I knew that it was going to end. So I couldn't bear to read it. 

Hopefully, some day I'll have enough courage to pick it up again, and finish reading it, but until then, I'll prefer to think that they're living together happily. 

And yet, I will recommend you to read this one. Because it's beautiful, mesmerising, heartbreaking, a bit crazy and full of love. 

This story is based on the author's real life, and I'd like to salute her for being so strong. 

P.s. If you do read the book, would you please let me know how it ends?

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Have you ever read such a book that hit you so hard that you couldn't read it? Even if you wanted to?

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