Review: Then The Doorbell Rang

Author: Capri Jalota
Genre: General Fiction.
Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫


One fine morning, Jane wakes up and stands upon the ledge of her 18th floor flat in Dubai Marina. Till a few years back, she was everything that would make anyone jealous – beautiful, rich and successful. But then the wheels of time turned. Today, she is miserable and lonely. Would she get over a deception? Can she forgive herself for deserting a friend? Would she ever find true love? Will karma get the better of her or will life give her another chance to correct the wrongs?
Then the Doorbell Rang is about Jane’s roller-coaster journey as she explores the mystical phenomenon called Life.

Cover Review:

Both the title and the cover made me think that this was a mystery novel. Though it most definitely isn't. The cover though intriguing and relating to the storyline, does not fit well with the genre.

Book Review:

Then The Doorbell Rang begins with Jane thinking about jumping off her balcony and killing herself. Then, the story moves through multiple flashbacks in order to explain her reasons for wanting to do so, and her life in general. 

The story was well written, well planned and easy to follow despite the multiple flashbacks. Though the flashbacks oftentimes weren't written in the correct tenses, which irked me a lot. 

The characters were real, well created and had their own personalities. There were, of course, a lot of characters, but it was easy to keep track of them. 

All in all, Then The Doorbell Rang was an entertaining, interesting read and I'm glad I read it!

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