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Hey Bookworms,

Today's post is a little special. 

As you all probably know, I recently decided publish my poetry collection. And those who know me know that I'm a pretty impatient person. And I'm also pretty impulsive. 

So, I'm at my grandparents', and my aunt tells me that I should think about getting my poems published. And I know that's what I'm going to do. 

The next day, I'm compiling the poems I think I should include in the collection. Impulsive, right? 

I didn't realize then just how difficult it is to publish your book, even when you're self-publishing. There's so much to do! 

Thankfully, I have the greatest friends ever, and my soul sister, Pravallika helped me with not just the book cover but also the editing of the book. We spent days and nights perfecting the book, making it readable and error free as possible. 

Then there was my best friend, Namita, who helped me with sorting all the poems into three beautiful sections. 

Though honestly speaking, the toughest part of the whole thing was formatting. I had to make separate copies for ebook and paperback. And both of them needed to be formatted differently. And I had to do it on my own, for once. 

It's done now, and the book is almost out there, and I've never been so excited, scared and nervous all at the same time. 

So, as a way to thank you, all of you who helped me in some way—all of the readers and authors and book bloggers, the people who inspired me to go ahead and put my work out there—I'm giving away 5 eBook copies of Scattered Constellations! I'll be doing a paperback to once it releases, but for now, I hope you will enjoy the eBook!

More about Scattered Constellations

Words tumble out, with no pause;
From the pen, my anelace,
That I hold so graciously,
(In awe of its majesty, its power)
In my hand.

They form thoughts, hopes and musings;
Reflect my soul, my entire being,
And spread across the page,
Like scattered constellations
Across the sky.
Scattered Constellations is a collection of 50 YA Free Verse poems.

Praise for Scattered Constellations:

Ankita's poetry is so well versed that you feel everything her words speak. From warm and fuzzy to ice cold, this is a book you will not want to put down!
-Sarah Kenney, Author of The Devil's Curse Novels.

Dark and beautifully heartrending in some places, Ankita's Scattered Constellations weaves a story that most people will experience in their lives but will never be able to fully explain using words. Surely a book of poetry that belongs on your bookshelf!
-K.G. Reuss, Author of The Emissary of The Devil Series.

Ankita's Scattered Constellations is a beautiful collection of short poems whose breadth of topics and ideas will captivate you. I was in love with this book and Ankita's words from cover to cover, and I know you will be too.
-Magnolia Robbins, Author of Forbidden Melody.

I think Ankita Singh is a very perceptive and talented young poet and definitely one to watch.
-Linda Hill, Blogger at Lindas Book Bag.

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