Review: Lifeline

Author: Abbey Lee Nash.
Genre: Young Adult. 
Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍬


Popular high school senior Eli Ross has the perfect life. He’s captain of the lacrosse team at LionsHeart Academy, and he’s dating Savannah, the hottest, most popular girl at school. But that life comes crashing down when he overdoses at a party and is sent to LakeShore Recovery Center, an inpatient substance abuse treatment program where he’ll spend the next twenty-eight days.
It's there that Eli meets Libby, the sharp-edged artist, whose freshly tattooed scars mirror the emotional scars Eli tries his best to ignore. Eli soon learns that if he's to have any chance at a future, he'll first have to confront his past.

Cover Review

I saw this book's cover on Twitter first, and I was like, "I need this book!" And when the publisher agreed to send me a review copy, I was ecstatic! 

Book Review:

Lifeline was, quite simply, beautiful. 

The story reminded me of Ned Vizzini's It's Kind Of A Funny Story. A lot.

Eli, lacrosse captain and star student ends up in rehab because of a drug overdose. And that's where his life changes for the better. 

Lifeline was an easy read, and yet it was just as beautiful and intense. It was funny, but it was serious too. 

The characters were well crafted, so were their struggles. Though I wish the author had written more about Libby. Because though Eli's story has a nice ending, we don't get to see what happens to Libby. 

Overall though, Lifeline was a sweet, intense and beautiful read. 

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