Review: The Man In The Mist

Author: T.A. Pilkington.
Genre: Mystery, Crime Thriller, Suspense. 
Rating: đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸŹ


Following the death of her parents, journalist, Lilly, moves from San Francisco to write a novel at foggy Lawson's Landing. Unhappy with her boyfriend, she moves into her parent's magnificent Art Deco mansion overlooking the sea where she notices a man often walking in the evening mist along the shore.

Local store owner, Jeb, informs her of the area's famous shipwreck history and is keen to win Lilly's heart. She discovers a letter in an old cupboard written by a man to his lover, who once lived there, about a dangerous secret. Old newspaper articles reveal two murders at the house before her parents moved in twenty years earlier.
Noises around the house begin to unnerve Lilly, and she notices movement at night in the fog. Researching the area's shipwreck history, she discovers the possibility of valuable cargo lying on the sea floor. But who is the man walking in the mist at night? Why won't he answer her calls? Lilly begins to unravel a complex mystery routed in the past, and soon discovers something unexpected about her family that affects her life and future.

Cover Review:

The cover was what made me request the book in the first place. Coupled with the title, it looks absolutely intriguing.

Book Review

The Man In The Mist is a really intriguing mystery thriller and the author did a great job at portraying all the characters. 

I loved how, every mystery unfurled one by one throughout the story. It wasn't all bunched up in the end, it was spread all through the second half of the story, for which I'm glad. 

Lilly was a really relatable character. She moved to her parents old home to find some peace in order to write. And she does everything except actually writing. And that, I think, every writer can relate with! 

The reason I had so much fun reading this book was just how many mysteries overlapped each other. Almost everyone except for Lilly seemed like a suspect at one time or another. It was very engaging, trying to figure out who the actual culprit was. 

All in all, The Man In The Mist was a thrilling and engaging read. I'd definitely recommend it to all the mystery lovers out there! 

Thanks to Pegasus Publishers for sending a review copy all the way to India!

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