Review: The Missing Journal

Author: K.Y. Eden
Genre: Fantasy, YA.
Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫


Zak Stone lives with his parents and older brother Adam in the seemingly ordinary village of Redcroft. When an elderly resident, Bernie Watts dies, it sparks life changing supernatural events for Zak, his family, and their beautiful and mysterious neighbour Natalie.
Fearful secrets unfold when Zak and Natalie find themselves thrown together to unravel Bernie’s extraordinary life and legacy. His Journals guide them on their quest and warn them to protect the future from the sinister dark creatures that are watching them.
Keeping it all a secret becomes increasingly difficult, yet reveals some interesting developments into their family ties and the history of Redcroft.

Cover Review:

The cover is different on Amazon and Goodreads. So I'll talk about the one up here, which is from Amazon. It looks pretty and represents the time-travel scene perfectly. So thumbs up to the cover!

Book Review:

Thanks to BookGobbler for the review copy!

Time travel is so much fun! 

I love how intricately the plot needs to be weaved, so that the past that was written earlier matches what happens in the present. It's so complicated. And therefore, so much fun!

Zak and Natalie were both fun characters to accompany, thought my favorite was Zak's mom Lizzy. 

I loved the novel from cover to cover though I felt that it was too short. The ending didn't really seem like an ending, you know?

But even so, I can't say that it wasn't a great read, because it was. 

It was pure, without too much fluff and with a lot of action, just the kind of book I was looking for! 

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I hope the next book will be just as awesome!

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