Blitz: Everyone Has A Right To Love

Everyone Has A Right To Love
By Gagan Madan


Life is too busy but it’s also too easy, if you look closer. 

Love is too complicated but it’s also too clear, if you feel deeper. 

Sometimes laughter is too difficult but a small smile can give us a lot of happiness. 

Today we all are too busy to prove ourselves and to excel. We have no time for love and we hide our emotions and affection. 

We always choose our priorities and we will always find time for things that we feel are important and those things which give us happiness. When we love someone, we start to care because love is a priority and not an option in life. 

You also have a right to love, so keep loving, stay happy.

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About The Author:

Gagan Madan is a simple and young author from a small town of Madhya Pradesh, who stepped into the world of literature with his first book Unfinished Friendship, which was received well by people. 

He is a self loving introvert and loves to writes on common people and their unique lives. 

As a student he never liked studies and reading, but at twenty one he started his journey as a writer and he is now acknowledged as a youth role model. He prefers silence to talking.

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This is my first Blitz and I'm still unsure about it. Did I do it right? 😛

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