Review: Life Seemed Good...But...

Author: Richard Bell.
Genre: Satire, Humour, Short Story.
Rating: đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«


A picture of life in and around the Mystee Forest as viewed by a variety of talking animals, strange characters, and the author's twisted perception of reality. Imagine a cross between Aesop's Fables and the Brothers Grimm.

Cover Review:

The cover piqued my interest, and it looks really funny with that jumble of characters.

Book Review:

Life Seemed a collection of short stories that are sometimes connected to each other while sometimes are not. 

Though the one common thing among them all is that they're all really humorous, sometimes sarcastic, but overall really funny. 

The stories give life to inanimate objects and make them do things that are hilarious, weird and thought provoking. Though I loved almost all of the stories, The Amoeba, The Wizard and Naked Christmas were my favourites. The Spud was pretty funny too, until it got serious. 

The best thing about these stories was that every one of them had some hidden meaning, and though I couldn't uncover all of them, it was sure a fun ride! 

All in all, Life Seemed Good...But...was full of sarcasm, wit an reading it was a whole lot of fun! 

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