Review: A Small Book Of Disturbing Poetry

Author: Tanner Ashe.
Genre: Poetry.
Rating: đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«


Acclaimed poet and social commentator Tanner Ashe's adolescent years were full of hardship and pain. This collection of works, written between her 14th and 20th birthdays reflect some of her darkest thoughts.

Unlike the more sophisticated and joyous poetry she is most commonly known for, this collection gives voice to the pain of an abused child as she struggles with the rage and helplessness inherent to her victimization.

Ms. Ashe has been lauded internationally as a beacon of light for rape and abuse victims.

A Small Book of Disturbing Poetry shows the darker side of the artist, the pain, suffering and even fantasies expressed that paved the way for her ultimate healing.

The work, though disturbing and simplistic, offers insight into a truly beautiful mind, and represents the progression from angry literary neophyte to the voice of recovery and love.
This book will disturb, read it with the knowledge that the expressions of rage and pain within its pages made inspiration and healing possible.

Cover Review:

The cover, just like the poems, is dark, sinister and chilling. 

Book Review:

This poetry collection gave me the chills. It has a lot of triggers so many people would not want to read this but I, for one, am in awe. 

This woman, this amazing woman has been through so much in life. She has seen so many horrors, at such a young age. 

Her poems were raw, full of pain and so very real. There was no sugar-coating. No substitutions. Just the cold hard truths. 

The poems were chilling, goosebumps raising and heart wrenching. They made me want to hug the author, or cry along with her. 

To put it in a few words, they were beautiful in a dark, sinister way. 

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