Review: Grievances Of Life

Author: Shilpa Pitroda.
Genre: General Fiction, Short Story.
Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫


Life is strange. Sometimes it gives you the best times to cherish as long as you can. But then, it also gives us the most challenging tasks. The beautiful moments turn ugly when things take the most dramatic turn.

The lives of Aahil, Dhyey and Mithil takes drastic turns and they are left stranded in the course of life. Their choices and decisions make or mar their very existence. Grievances of Life brings these guys together as they have their own pains and turmoils. They have one more common thing: the addiction to Drugs.
Check out these short stories that will force you to ponder and value that you already have. Grievances of Life is the story of three men who are unaware when Life hits them in such a way that they lose their sensibilities and seem to get drowned in the ocean of pain and distress.

Cover Review:

The cover is pretty simple and looks more like a randomly picked picture than a well thought out cover. 

Book Review:

Grievances Of Life is short, the stories in it are shorter. All three of the stories are connected to each other by a small link, that is a bar in Goa that all three main characters visit at the same time.

The stories are definitely interesting and entertaining, though they are really very short.

But other than their shortness and a few confusing sentences, the book was a fun read altogether. 

Short, suspenseful and entertaining, Grievances Of Life can be a good choice when you need a quickie!

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