My Writing Corner & An Announcement!

Hey Bookworms!

Before I tell you about my writing life, I have an announcement to make. Starting Monday I'll be on a vacation till the 10th of June. I won't be posting on the blog (but I'll be active on social media 😉) except for a Blitz I signed up for on 5th June. I'll miss you!

Now, about my writing life!

For this post, I'll just write about the beginning of my life as a 'writer’.

I think I started writing in the 7th grade. I remember collaborating with my bench partner on a poem, and I think that's where it began.

Though my favourite type of literature is novels, I also enjoy writing poems, and that's what I wrote up until I was 16.

Sometime in the October of 2016, a friend told me about Wattpad. And that's where my writing flourished. I wrote a novella there, and made some great friends too! Currently, I only have a poetry collection up there, which houses around 60 poems. Feel free to check it out:

I didn't have much time to write the last two years, because 10th and 12th grades are a big deal here and I had to focus on my studies.

But now that I'm free, I'm working on a fantasy novel, which has turned out to be the longest thing I've ever written—currently, it stands at a word count of 65,000 words—and it's nowhere near the end! Here's a sneak peek into my WIP!

Let me know what you think about it in the comments!

Oh, and Swibells is the pseudonym I use for writing! ♥️

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