Review: Chakravyuh

Author: Jitendra Attra.
Genre: Adventure. 
Rating: 🍫🍫🍫


Arjun Sud, A 42 year old, CA lives a stressful corporate life working for an MNC with his family in Mumbai. Their adventure holiday turns into a brutal battle when the innocent family gets surrounded by the tribals. In the middle of the jungle, Arjun is faced with the tremendous horror of fighting the mighty Paharias at the same time solving the complicated puzzle (CHAKRAVYUH) to free his beloved family. 

Racing against time the family has a daunting task of cracking a meticulously designed ancient maze against unknown scavengers in uncharted territory. The story unfolds as the family finds the secrets of the mysterious caves, the ancient rituals of the Paharian tribals, the threats it poses to their lives and the reason for setting up the mysterious caves and the CHAKRAVYUH.

Cover Review:

The cover is dark and mysterious, reflecting the story pretty well. 

Book Review:

Chakravyuh is the story of a cave puzzle that the main character and his family need to solve in order to escape. 

The storyline is pretty good, well thought out and adventurous. The characters are many, but they lack individual personalities. 

The one thing that needs improvement is the grammar. Mainly, there were two things that bothered me. First was that though the story is in first person point of view, parts of it were written in third person point of view. And it would have worked if the writing hadn't implied that the same character was narrating those parts too. And then there was the changing tenses. The text kept switching between past and present tense, which was really irritating. 

So though Chakravyuh was an adventurous, exciting read, it could definitely get better with much needed improvements. 

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