Review: Afterburn

Author: Sylvia Day.
Genre: Romance.
Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍬


The realization that Jax still affected me so strongly was a jagged pill to swallow. He’d only been part of my life for five short weeks two years ago. But now he was back. Walking into a deal I’d worked hard to close. And God, he was magnificent. His eyes were a brown so dark they were nearly black. Thickly lashed, they were relentless in their intensity. Had I really thought they were soft and warm? There was nothing soft about Jackson Rutledge. He was a hard and jaded man, cut from a ruthless cloth.
In that moment I understood how badly I wanted to unravel the mystery of Jax. Bad enough that I didn’t mind how much it was going to cost me...

Cover Review:

The cover is a glass of wine, or champagne, I've no idea. It looks good, actually. I'm surprised I like it!

Book Review:

I've already read and loved Sylvia's Crossfire Series, and if I like an author, I try to read all of their books. So I had to read this one, of course. 

My first and probably only complain about Afterburn is that it was too short. And it ended with a cliffhanger. Thank goodness I had already borrowed the book two, or I'd have been cursing the author right about now. 

Afterburn was steamy, heartbreaking and hooking. I did not want to stop reading once I started. 

I loved the characters, I loved the setting, and I'm glad I decided to read it. 

On to the next book now! Aftershock, here I come! 

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