My Writing Corner: How Do You Do It Authors?

Hey Bookworms!

It's already been one week since the cover reveal of Scattered Constellations and I've managed to do so much!

With the help of my awesome editor—who’s also my sister, but doesn't let that fact get into the way of her work—I’ve managed to get the final manuscript ready! All that is left is formatting it according to kindle, which I'll be doing tomorrow.

The other big thing I will be doing tomorrow is sending out the ARCs of Scattered Constellations. *Shudders*

I don't know if I'm more excited or nervous about that, to be honest. I feel like I'm about to give an exam, and the ironic fact is that exams never scared me.

Even though I've got some really beautiful reviews from some really awesome authors—which you can read here by the way—I’m still super nervous about the reviews I'm going to receive.

How do you do it authors? How do you entrust me with your books like that? It's so difficult! It's amazing and inspiring how authors do that on a daily basis. Have complete strangers judge the art they spend months creating. Dealing with the negative ones, and trying to keep getting better at their art. I'm starting to realize just how tough being a writer is. And yet, I won't trade this with any other job I was offered. Hard it may be, but I still love it.

Anyway... I'm going to stop ranting now. I really hope everyone enjoys Scattered Constellations. ♥️

If you haven't been around here before and want to know what Scattered Constellations is all about, here's the blurb:

Words tumble out, with no pause;
From the pen, my anelace,
That I hold so graciously,
(In awe of its majesty, its power)
In my hand.

They form thoughts, hopes and musings;
Reflect my soul, my entire being,
And spread across the page,
Like scattered constellations
Across the sky.

(Scattered Constellations is a collection of 50 Free Verse YA Poems.)

You can add it to your Goodreads list if you'd like to read it later!

Scattered Constellations

You can also preorder the book through Amazon! Here's the universal link:

Preorder Scattered Constellations now.

I'll sign out now!

Keep reading, keep writing!

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