Discussion: Re-Reading!

Re-reading a favorite novel is so much fun! I love re-reading my favorite novels from time to time. 

In fact, recently, I always have a book that I'd be simultaneously re-reading with whichever book I was currently reading for reviewing purposes.

It feels good to read a book and know that you don't have to remember it's flaws or plus points or analyse it in any way. You know, reading for just the pleasure of reading.

Currently, I'm re-reading Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets.

Re-reading sort of feels like coming back home after a trip, everything is so familiar and comforting!

Do you re-read your favorite books often? Which is the one book that you have re-read so many times that you've lost count?

For me, the answer is The Fault In Our Stars. I find Hazel's story so relatable and comforting. It's kinda my safe haven.

Looking forward to your answers in the comments! :)

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