Review: Just A Few Lies

Author: Sandeep Sharma
Genre: Suspense
Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫


Understanding Writer’s mind is a complicated thing. He imagines, presumes and sometimes anticipates the reality and tries to blend with fiction. He is someone who stays in stories much more than in reality. His mind is full of giant maze but what happens when maze starts to peep out of imagination and enter the reality?

Anant, a bestselling ‘Superstar’ author is feeling that words have started to betray him and that’s why he starts to search for the ‘next Anant’ and be involved in the making of the next superstar.

Mystically, one day he reads Sagarika’s blog and gets amazed to know that all her blog posts are inspired from real life incidents of Anant himself. On the other hand, Anant’s problem of having hallucinations about random things is coming back in his life. Earlier those hallucinations were totally strange but now even those hallucinations make sense.

What exactly is happening with Anant?

Who this Sagarika really is?

What lies are being spoken in the veil of finding next ‘Superstar Bestselling Author’?
Answer lies behind ‘Just A Few Lies’.

Cover Review: 

The cover is pretty good looking and in tune with the suspense of the book. I think it's pretty fitting, right? 
Book Review:

Just A Few Lies is a story full of suspense with a bit of drama and comedy mixed in with it. 

It was an entertaining and intriguing read. I liked that the suspense held on till the end. 

Another thing I liked were the blurry lines between reality and supernatural that carried on throughout the story. 

The character of Anant Raj was a complicated one. Sometimes, it was really difficult to understand what was happening. 

But all in all, it was an enjoyable and short read and I was glad I read it! 

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