Review: Winters Solace

Author: Magnolia Robbins
Genre: LGBT, Romance
Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫


Katlynn Walker thought she had it all: a dream job in Silicon Valley. A beautiful California beach house. The love of her life. But her world crumbled beneath her feet the moment she found her best friend in bed with her fiancé.

Desperate to escape her harsh new realities, Katlynn flees to her Massachusetts hometown of Wellesley, to spend Christmas at her sister's cottage. Finding a new love was the last thing on her agenda, but when Katlynn reconnects with an old friend, everything she thought she knew about herself and her future is called into question.

Iris' life changed the minute her mother got sick. With her quiet, cozy world in Wellesley suddenly turned upside-down, there's no room for more complications -- especially not the resurgence of a college crush she thought she'd put out of her mind long ago. But when she finds herself spending the holidays next door to her old classmate Katlynn, Iris can't ignore the chemistry between them.
As the two women navigate their separate heartaches, will they crack under the pressures of life around them? Or can their new bond save them both?

Cover Review

The cover is wintery, snowy, romantic and absolutely beautiful! I loved it!

Book Review:

To sum it up in a few words, Winters Solace was cute! 

It was a sweet, enjoyable Christmasy kind of novella with the sweetest characters ever. 

It was real sweet to read about the high school crush that Iris had on Katlyn and Katlyn's instant attraction towards her. 

I'm so glad that I'm a part of the author's ARC reviewers team and got the chance to read Winters Solace. 

In a few words, Winters Solace was cuteness overload!

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