Review: Changed

Author: Heather MacKinnon
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«


A captivating novel that explores the link between love, possession, and the lighter side of the myths that lurk in the dark.

Adrienne’s post-college plans were shattered the night she was attacked. She woke up in the basement of a restaurant and finds she can see perfectly in the dark, is stronger than she’d ever been before, and can move impossibly fast.

Testing her new limits, Adrienne zips down a NYC street, passing people by in a blur, only to be stopped by a strange man who’s stronger than she is now. Nicholas explains that she’s been Changed into a vampire, like him. Adrienne is forced to accept the strange turn her life has taken, but struggles with the growing feelings she has for Nicholas. As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, the man who Changed her shows back up, insisting she’s his property.

Now she’s on the run from a centuries old vampire who’s determined to make her his wife. Can Adrienne outrun and outsmart the man who Changed her into a vampire? If she sticks with Nicholas, the vampire who’s taught her all she knows, she might have a chance. As long as their budding romance doesn’t get in the way.
Charmingly romantic, Changed will grip you from the first page and have you hungering for more.

Cover Review: 

The cover is bloody, read and beautiful in a vampire-ish sort of way. Definitely something I'd be proud to display on my shelf!

Book Review:

Changed was fast-paced, thrilling and full of awesomeness. 

I love Vampire novels and Changed was just the type of book that touches your heart. 

With awesome characters, catchy dialogues and writing style, Changed was an unputdownable read that I finished as soon as I could. I even almost missed my bus stop, I was so engrossed in the book! 

This book was time well spent and smiles well deserved, if that makes any sense at all. 😉

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