Review: I Can See You

Author: Michael Leese.
Genre: Mystery Thriller. 
Rating: đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«


A serial killer dubbed the “Face Ripper” is taunting police. His victims are businessmen with links to the military and with no clues to work on, pressure is mounting on police.
Sounds like the perfect job for autistic detective Jonathan Roper, but he’s been snapped up by the bosses at GCHQ. They want to find out if his unique method of analysis can make the difference in the war on terror. The spy chiefs have even dragged in Roper’s old boss Brian Hooley, and the veteran Detective Chief Inspector is the perfect foil for the enigmatic younger man.They soon realise that, in the secret world, nothing is as it seems. It doesn’t take long for Hooley to start pining for a nice, simple, murder inquiry. As his mother used to warn him. ‘Be careful what you wish for.’
If you like gritty thrillers with a twist of Holmes and Watson then this is the book for you

Cover Review

As I always say, mystery novels have the best covers. So does this one. I love how colorful it is and I especially love the subtitle, Psychopaths hide in plain sight. It gave me the chills!

Book Review:

The blurb of this book sounds really awesome and that's why I requested this ARC from StoryCartel

I loved the idea of a lead character who wasn't perfect. And I loved Jonathan Roper. His character was intriguing, he made me laugh at times with his bluntness, and to be absolutely honest, he was adorable. 

Jonathan Roper and Brian Hooley were my favorites from the novel. 

Though the novel itself, I found a bit lacking. I had to struggle through it a lot. I try to not give up on a book, and that's why I tried my best and finished reading this book. 

I must admit the ending was really good, but there were many chapters where o was so confused I had no idea what was happening. At times, the conversations between characters got so technical that they were hard to understand. 

Despite that, I did finish it because quite frankly, I wanted to know what happens next and also if my guess about the killer was correct. And it was. 

So yes, even though it wasn't an easy read, I had fun reading it (half of the time) and I'm happy that I made it to the end. 

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If you've already read this book, I'd love to know what you thought about it! 


  1. I like thrillers and I like Sherlock Holmes. Sounds like a good combination to me. Pity it was lacking somewhat and confusing for you.

  2. Autistic characters are suddenly popular - I think it is thanks to Sheldon ;)

  3. Great honest review. Thanks for the insight.

  4. I love the idea of the main characters but the novel itself sounds a little bit too far outside my genre zone. Your review was well done, though :)


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