Review: Dead Silence

Author: K.G. Reuss
Genre: Paranormal Fiction
Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫


I’m Everly, and I see dead people.

The dead are supposed to be silent. Supposed to be resting in peace. But they aren’t. They’re vicious and loud. They aren’t resting. I know because I hear them. They steal my peace from me. The constant chatter drives me crazy. They’re the stuff nightmares are made of. I’m living a walking horror movie. They’ve haunted me since I was a little girl. Every attempt at finding peace and quiet is thwarted. They want something from me.

Then there’s Shadow. He’s been with me for as long as I can remember. A formidable, powerful being that incites fear all on his own. But he’s my protector, slaying the demons that get too close and saving me from whatever seeks to harm me, even myself. He wants something from me too.

Those in the know say I’m special, a Special to be more exact. All I want is to be a normal girl, concerned with boys and clothes and having fun. Why can’t the dead be silent for a change?

My fear and destiny collide to bring me to the doorstep of the last place I expected. I won’t be alone. He’ll be there. Shadow. And so will the dead.

Because I’m never alone. . .
The Everlasting Chronicles is an exciting brand-new serial that will follow Everly as she learns more about who she is and what her role is. Dead Silence is the first book in the serial.

Cover Review:

The cover is dark, it oozes danger and strength and it's absolutely enchanting. 
Book Review:

1 sitting. 3 hours. 

That's what it took for me to finish this absolutely wow book. It was interesting right from the start, and through to the end. Never a dull moment. 

There were parts that scared the shit out of me too, and gave me the creeps. At a point, I even freaked out at a moving reflection (of my own hand, no less)  I saw from my periphery and almost screamed out loud. It was that engaging. 

I lost track of time as I read this book. I'd been planning on reading just a few chapters, but my plans always fail! Dead Silence was too good to put down after just a few chapters. 

I loved the characters, I loved the suspense, and I am so looking forward to reading Broken Shadow! 

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