Review: Royal Pains

Author: Magnolia Robbins
Genre: LGBT, Romance
Rating: 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫


“Es  gibt   nichts  schöneres  als   dich .” There is nothing more beautiful than you.

Geeky wallflower Penelope Waters hadn’t signed up for falling in love with royalty.  A new medical school student, all she’d ever wanted was to be a doctor. When Penny unknowingly meets a young Liechtenstein princess, she finds herself falling hard for more than just her German accent.

Charming and beautiful Astrid Vogt was well known in the small country of Liechtenstein. Pressured by her parents to pursue their hopes of her marriage to a Prince, Astrid flees to America with a dream of medicine in mind. When she starts to fall for Penelope, their instant attraction proves to be an additional complication to her already crazy life. Unable to reveal her true identity, Astrid finds herself trapped between her duty to her country and her newfound feelings for Penny.
Will Astrid tell Penny who she truly is? Or will she let her past come between them?

Cover Review:

The cover is simple, yet beautiful. It's full of light and hope and joy, and I absolutely loved it!

Book Review:

First of all, thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC of this beautiful novella!

I'd known all about 'killing 'em with kindness' but this book kills you with cuteness!

To be absolutely frank, right now all I want to do is hug the author tightly and thank her for writing such cute novellas!

In a world where cold, intimidating CEOs are dominating the stories, sweet and kind characters like Penelope and Astrid are much needed! 

I had so much fun reading their story and the happy ending left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. 💝

So yeah, Royal Pains was sweet as a German Cheesecake and as good as apfelwein! 

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