Review: Fangirl

AuthorRainbow Rowell
Genre: Young Adult.
Rating: đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«đŸ«


The New York Best Selling Author Rainbow Rowell brings to you her second book- a romantic fiction ‘Fangirl’. This is Cath's story. Until now, Cath shared her whole world with her twin sister Wren. Cath and Wren are going to college now and Wren does not want Cath to be her roommate. Cath now is on her own and steps in a completely new world, out of comfort zone. Life is calling for Cath to open her heart and accept the change. Separated from her only source of comfort, she is left with much to deal with; namely the anxiety, rude room-mate, her always-around boyfriend and the life as a freshman. The change is huge.
Growing up without a mother the twins were extremely close. She grows up as a shy, introvert girl where her sister was her only friend and the only link to social world. Will Cath be able to embrace the change? Will she be able to find balance in her life? Life is all about finding and balancing things that hold importance; this book will take readers to a journey, exploring many themes of life as we grow and move on.

Cover Review:

The cover is artistic and simple and screams Cathy. It's so in sync with the novel and just the kind of cover I love.

Book Review:
Fangirl is a story of two twin sisters, Cathy and Wen, and how their lives change after they join college.

Until high school, the sisters had been inseparable. They had fun together, they liked same things and they co-authored a fanfic about their favorite novel series.

But after joining college, things changed. Wen made new friends and started going out, partying and having fun. Cathy on the other hand was an introvert. She stayed in her room and wrote her fanfic.

The story progresses as Cathy tries to fit into the college life, make some friends and find her real sister.

The story is truly touching and very realistic. It has everything just the right amount. No exaggerated love stories or anything, it might as well have been a real life story! 

This book is a must read for everyone who's looking for some out of the box, YA fiction!

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Have you read Fangirl? Yeah? Did you love it as much as I did? Let me know in the comments! 💖💖


  1. I agree! This book was very realistic.

  2. I have had this one sitting on my TBR forever. It looks like such a great book, I just haven't picked it up yet. Great job on your review :)

  3. I loved Fangirl too. I also liked seeing Cath's writing develop and her love for Simon x Baz fanfiction.

  4. This has been on my wishkist for some time now. Great review!

  5. I have heard tons about Rainbow Rowell books, especially Fangirl and Carry On. I don't know exactly what my problem is but I distance myself from her books the more i hear about them. I loved your review!


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